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  1. Darksteel: Forged from an alloy of dark metals and alien technology, capable of slicing through any known substance, including energy shields and force fields.
  2. Rift: Interdimensional energy that tear open rifts in the fabric of space-time, unleashing horrors from beyond the veil.
  3. Nanovirus: Can infect and assimilate organic matter, turning victims into mindless drones.
  4. Plasmatic: Supercharged plasma, searing through armor and vaporizing enemies on impact.
  5. Disruptor: Wields electromagnetic energy that can disrupt or disable electronic devices, including robots and power armor.
  6. Singularity: Generate miniature black holes, crushing anything they touch and creating localized gravitational anomalies.
  7. Phase: Attacks that pass through parallel universes, hitting targets from unexpected angles and locations.
  8. Soul-reaper: Imbued with arcane power that can harvest the life force of living beings, empowering their wielders while leaving victims drained and lifeless.
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